The Power of Color

When we enter a room or see an object for the first time, our minds register its color before any other detail. The colors our eyes can perceive are like words that form a subtle language of mood, energy, and insight. Color can exert a gentle effect on the mind and the body, influencing our … [Read More...]

Balancing your Backyard with the Five Elements

Since your garden and your backyard are an extension of your home it is also important to make sure to balance these areas with the five elements. Here's how:

1. Earth Element: We all have a lot of earth in our backyards and gardens due to the soil and the colors of the earth and … [Read More...]

Living a Radically Balanced and Congruent Life

At my first real job, there was a partner in the firm who was having an affair way before there was the Internet. The mistress would mail him letters and our receptionist would carefully open each letter, make copies for everyone in the office, distribute them in our mailboxes, put the … [Read More...]

Michelle Cromer