The Sacred Repairing Art of Kintsugi

So many of us are going through a degree of trauma right now, be it a broken relationship, a broken spirit, a broken body, or a broken bank account we are all going through something. And, in the wake of all these situations are the scars that they leave behind which could be physical, … [Read More...]

Living Your Spiritual Truth

Seek truth and you will find a path.”  ~ Frank Slaughter

I feel humanity is on a rollercoaster and we hear spiritual people just say awaken to your truth.

What the hell does that mean?

Meditate, do your mantas, chant, wear your … [Read More...]

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! We are celebrating Mother’s Day in the United States but it is the perfect day to recognize the nourishment and support that your mother has provided no matter where you live.

Though ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated their “mother goddesses” with festivals and … [Read More...]

Michelle Cromer