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The Spirituality of Our Pets

Years ago while in Lyon, France, I stumbled onto what the locals told me was a “healing” well. It was named after my favorite medieval saint: Saint Guinefort.

In the thirteenth century, a Dominican friar, Etienne de Bourbon was preaching near Lyon, when he heard during confession that … [Read More...]

Reality Shows and Men’s Rite of Passage

“We cannot, today, recreate the original ‘wilderness man’ in shape, form and habitat. But we can recover him, because he exists in us. He is the foundation in spirit or psyche on which we build, and we are not complete until we have recovered him.” Laurens van … [Read More...]

Embracing The Goddess in All of Us

“The hero, whether god or goddess, man or woman, the figure in a myth or the dreamer of a dream discovers and assimilates his opposite either by swallowing it or by being swallowed.” Joseph Campbell

May, our fifth month. Named after the [Read More...]